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Meet Peg Maloney

My family came to Nebraska in 1980 with an assignment to Offutt Air Force Base, so when it was time for my husband to retire and get a real job, we couldn't think of any place better to live and raise our family. Much to our amazement, we've become die-hard Cornhuskers, although we still root for Boston College where both Jim and I attended. Out three daughters have all married and live in the area. So far we have 4 granddaughters and 5 grandsons. It's great fun to be grandparents - I like it so much better than being a parent! Lots easier!!

Real estate has offered me the opportunity to meet tons of great people, and the flexibility of time to do a lot of traveling around the world with my husband and friends. I have seen some houses sell several times over the years, but I am also amazed at the growth in new homes and subdivisions that Omaha has experienced over the years. Each house is unique, each owner is unique, and that's what makes it fun. Speaking of, my clients do have a lot of fun when we house-hunt because I try to make it easy for everybody and guide and counsel along the way.

Peg Maloney
Peg Maloney
Associate Broker/Realtor
9805 Giles Road La Vista NE 68128